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Biel Capllonch

Biel Capllonch is a photographer who has specialized in fashion, advertising, portrait and art photography for over twenty years. His work sometimes combines a mix of art, fashion and the advertising processes. Paying meticulous attention to every detail in his settings, in every project he confers with each member of his team to ensure that pictures create the atmosphere and the response that he is looking for. As a trained painter, Biel believes that the final artwork is one of the most important parts of the process to make a great image, he works on the post production himself for most of his pictures, taking care of all the most minuscule details. The finished pieces reflect this, from obscure or disturbing images to the most clean and sophisticated, in a controlled balance.



ADCE (Art DIrectors Club of Europe) - ADI FAD (Decorative Arts Association) - Ajuntament de Barcelona

Audi - Banc Sabadell - Bulevard Rosa - Camper - Damm Beer - Dewars Int. - Esselte - 4K Wines - GN Fenosa - Honda - Hospes Hotels - Ikea - J.A.L. - J&B - Mango - Nestle - Nike - Panasonic - RBA Editors Revlon - Seat - Sonar Music Festival - SONY PSP - Sitges Int. Film Festival - Sybilla Casa - SLHotels Universitat de Barcelona - Vodafone - Vueling - Volkswagen - Zurich Insurances



Advanced Music - Atletico International - China - Commission - Contapunto - DDB - Grey - J.W. Thompson Lola - McCann-Erickson - Mr John Sample - 180 Amsterdam - Tiempo BBDO - Rosas, Ruiz Company - Run SCPF - Small - Soon In Tokio - TBWA



ARCO Madrid - ART-AIDS Foundation - Art Chicago - Art Directors Club NY - CRAC Centre Rhénan d'Art Contemporain Alsace - Centre La Misericordia Palma de Mallorca - Centro Arte Alcobendas Madrid - Centro Arte Contemporáneo LA SALA Barcelona - DKW Foundation - Hasselt Museum Belgium - FRAC Fond Regional d'Art Contp Dunkerke - MADC Museo de arte y diseño contemporáneo Costa Rica - MACUF Museo Arte Contemporáneo Unión FENOSA A Coruña - Museum Rupe Dubrovnik - Museo Mahmoud Khalil Cairo - MUSAC Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Castilla y León - Museu Abelló Barcelona - Museu del Disseny Barcelona - Organización Nelson Garrido Caracas - Paris Photo France - Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie Arles - Sala Juana Francés Zaragoza - The Office of Culture and Design Manila - UCA Universidad de Cádiz

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e Imagen 9.jpg
a TheRiders_000.jpg
c TheRiders_005.jpg
b TheRiders_006.jpg
d TheRiders_004.jpg
g BUS_25515.XLBh.jpg
g OFC_26341.XLBh.jpg
h BCNsorolls.jpg
b SFF1_BC_apaisada_7_RGB.jpg
o IMG_3503.c.jpg
p IMG_3926.F.jpg
SEAT Service Summer
SEAT Service Spring
SEAT Spotify C1c
Panasonic Viera
IKEA Dormitorios
IKEA Dormitorios
BS Services
BS Services
BS Services
BS Services
BS Services
BS Services
BS Services
BS Services

Fashion 1 - Scroll down to see other categories


a Die Metamorphosen-07.jpg
a Die Metamorphosen-17.jpg
a Die Metamorphosen-10.jpg
a Die Metamorphosen-18.jpg
a Die Metamorphosen-19.jpg
b StormyWeather_000.jpg
b StormyWeather_002.jpg
b StormyWeather_004.jpg
d Meeting-03.jpg
d Meeting-04.jpg
e CF032126.jpg
e CF032283.jpg
f PartyIsOver-02.jpg
f PartyIsOver-04.jpg
f PartyIsOver-05.jpg
g NightWalks-3.jpg
g NightWalks-5b.jpg
h SecondWifes01.jpg
h SecondWifes04.jpg
h SecondWifes06.jpg
h SecondWifes07.jpg
i Unexpectedly-04.JPG
j BlindTrip-02.jpg
j BlindTrip-06.jpg
k BestWishes-04.jpg
l NBHIM-03B.jpg
l NBHIM-07.jpg
m 7420.1.jpg
o IdP_NwO004.jpg
p BCN NEGRA-4.jpg
q SpainIsDiferent-08.jpg
q SpainIsDiferent-11.jpg
r SixDancePieces-04.jpg
n BCN NEGRA-1.jpg
s SilentNight_003.jpg
s SilentNight_002.jpg

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f JungleBook_005.jpg
e JungleBook_001.jpg
d JungleBook_000.jpg
c Sy-casa-1b.jpg
k Chaude Couture-007.jpg
g Chaude Couture-004.jpg
j IdP_BCN007.jpg
i IdP_BCN010.jpg
l Pickniking-05.jpg
r Miyake_teaser_005.jpg
n ModosInductivos-03.jpg
m ModosInductivos-06.jpg
t She Talks!-11.jpg
h idp-06-.jpg
u TableauxVivants_011.jpg
s She Talks!-15.jpg
q SNFF-A2.jpg

Series "Mona"- Scroll down to see other categories


a NonaLaus_000.jpg
b NonaLaus_003.jpg
c NonaLaus_014.jpg
d NonaLaus_008.jpg
e NonaLaus_007.jpg
f NonaLaus_004.jpg
g NonaLaus_009.jpg
h NonaLaus_010.jpg
i NonaLaus_006.jpg
j NonaLaus_005.jpg
k NonaLaus_002.jpg
l NonaLaus_001.jpg
m NonaLaus_011.jpg
n NonaLaus_012.jpg

Series "In Gold we trust"- Scroll down to see other categories


a ADCE_IGWT_001.jpg
b ADCE_IGWT_002.jpg
c ADCE_IGWT_003.jpg
d ADCE_IGWT_004.jpg
e ADCE_IGWT_014.jpg
m ADCE_IGWT_019.jpg
p ADCE_IGWT_000.jpg
h ADCE_IGWT_006.jpg
i ADCE_IGWT_024.jpg
j ADCE_IGWT_013.jpg
k ADCE_IGWT_017.jpg
n ADCE_IGWT_018.jpg
l ADCE_IGWT_020.jpg
o ADCE_IGWT_012.jpg
q ADCE_IGWT_010.jpg
r ADCE_IGWT_023.jpg
s ADCE_IGWT_011.jpg
t ADCE_IGWT_009.jpg
f ADCE_IGWT_025.jpg
u ADCE_IGWT_008.jpg
v ADCE_IGWT_007.jpg
x ADCE_IGWT_022.jpg
y ADCE_IGWT_026.jpg
z ADCE_IGWT_015.jpg
z1 ADCE_IGWT_016.jpg
z2 ADCE_IGWT_021.jpg
w ADCE_IGWT_027.jpg
g ADCE_IGWT_005.jpg

Series "Sonar"


c sonar.1_05.jpg
c sonar.1_07.jpg
c Sonar'10-1.jpg
c Sonar'09-13.jpg
c Sonar'09-08.jpg
c Sonar.2_01.jpg
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