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kristina fender

A little bit of wildness, a little bit of sweetness, some dirt and scars, darkness and light… Kristina Fender is this kind of bipolar photographer always fighting -  against and with - demons and fairies.

On one side she can be extremely clean, shooting high-end advertising campaigns, but on the other side she can be noisy, dangerous and mega-energetic. Shooting motor sports, always trying to portray the kinetic energy between the rider and his bike. This is probably the reason why many big motorcycle clients fell so in love with her photography, because of her endless search for motion.

With youngsters, she is not the clichéd kids' photographer, she is not always looking for the sweet blue sky and candy pink pictures, but instead often trying to find the little devil that is inside any kid. Therefore, the kids' series can be dark, can be sweet and even could be funny depending on the emotion she feels from the child or the story itself.

Kristina graduated in Fine Arts and began her career as a videographer. Very soon she found herself assisting top photographers and artists in New York. Thanks to destiny and her rich experience, she is now a photographer but traces of her video education and experience can still be found in her photography.



SideBurn, Moto Navi, Cafe Racer Magazine, Marie Claire, RAD Magazine, Men´s File, Cycle World, Riders Italian Magazine, Tank Moto, Naif, La Petite Magazine, Tiger, Esquire, Neo2



The Ride (Gestalten)



The BikeShed II, 2013, London

At The Gestalten Space, 2013, Berlin






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