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oliver haupt

Oliver Haupt grew up in Cologne. He studied Arts and Photography.

Before becoming a photographer, Oliver developed his career as a creative in advertising agencies in London, Hamburg and Madrid.

In 2007, Oliver founded the Unknown Artist, a studio which specializes in photography and retouching. 

Oliver's work was recently selected and awarded at the Luerzers' Archive 200 Best International Ad Photographers, at PX3 Prix de la Photographie in Paris and at the AOP London Photographers Award. Other awards include IPA, AFP Barcelona, Cannes, El Sol, Anuncios and Luerzers' Archive 200 Best International Digital Artists. 

In 2013, Oliver was placed at number 8 in the Luerzers' Archive International Ranking. His photos were exhibited alongside Les Rencontres d'Arles and he took part in Photoespaña in 2013.

Oliver now creates images for advertising, magazines, industry, direct clients and galleries. 

His highly varied and original body of work covers a range of themes and subjects, from natural looking to highly stylized and aesthetically complex pieces. 

A common thread unites Oliver's work, a desire to record life.

His graphic and bold style permeates his work, as does his celebration of everyday beauty.

He is passionate about his compositions and this is evident in the unbroken dedication given to every project from the initial stages to the final result.

Oliver currently lives and works in London and Madrid, where he produces both personal work and commercial projects.






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