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pavel havlicek

Pavel Havlicek was born and raised in Prague. After receiving a camera from his parents as a child, he immediately fell in love with the art of photography. Initially inspired by the beauty of his own city and later by his girlfriends who served as muses - Pavel spent his teenage years consumed by the camera and its ability to capture and redefine moments in time. After becoming disillusioned by the ideals of the former Czechoslovakian regime, he fled and spent years discovering Western Europe and later New York, where he resided for most of his life.  Pavel's imagery reflects both the dark romanticism of his childhood and the dreamy optimism of his journey behind it. This juxtaposition of dark and light creates a unique style that has become his signature. His work appears in many leading fashion magazines and fashion brands around the world. Pavel was recently awarded by one man show at the prestigious National Gallery of Czech Republic in Prague and he currently lives between Europe and New York.






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