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Sidney Van Wichelen started working in 2015 at the Research & Development department at the RTBF.

Coming straight from a filmschool, his job as a creative consisted in creating concepts that were broadcasted on the Belgian national television.

Working in a creative lab during two years gave him the opportunity to develop interactive documentaries as ‘Generation What’ and create the whole cultural platform of  ‘C’est Cult’.

This experience gave him a foretaste in combining two different passions, the direction and the whole creation part.

In 2017 Sidney joined Hotel Hungaria, an all in story telling agency where he had the opportunity to work for projects as ‘De Kamer’ & 'Eu In My region'.

It also gave him the opportunity to develop new interests by working on different campaigns for brands as ‘Bob Compagne’, ‘Solo’ & ‘Aveve’.

Since 2018 Sidney started his own production company focused in the production of musical entertainment. 
In less than a year he had the chance to work for artists as 'Romeo Elvis, 'Coely', Loic Nottet etc. 
Several music videos were nominated for best music video of the year.






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