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fernando maselli

Born in Buenos Aires in 1978, Fernando Maselli studied Fine Arts. Later he moved to Madrid, where he began his career working for major advertising agencies in Spain. He has shot professional assignments for brands such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Vodafone, Toyota, BBVA, Movistar, Samsung, Repsol, and many more. His work has received numerous awards at international advertising festivals such as Cannes, El Sol, FIAP or One Show. In 2008 he started a collaboration with Madriz magazine, developing a series of projects to illustrate the front covers and inside pages of 15 issues. Later on these features were further developed as a book. In this series, with Madrid as a common feature, Fernando expands on his particular vision of the city, where the symmetry, composition and light become the most important elements.

In parallel to his commercial work, Fernando has developed a career in the world of contemporary art, being currently represented by the prestigious Luis Adelantado Gallery. His latest projects are closely related to the natural landscape, where through documentation and conceptualization, he seeks to captivate the viewer in a moral and tender reflection on nature.

His artistic work has won numerous awards including the SPD – Society of Publication Designers (New York), the W-CA Contemporary Landscape Photography Open (UK), the Youth Arts Award from the Complutense University of Madrid, the XV International Call for young Artists Gallery Luis Adelantado (Spain).

His work has been selected to be shown in the Copenhagen Photo Festival (Denmark), NordArt 2014 (Germany), 13th Mostra Internacional Gas Natural Fenosa of Spain and the 15th China International Photographic Art Exhibition.

Fernando Maselli has presented exhibitions in art galleries such as Luis Adelantado, Pilar Cubillo, Mad is Mad, at the CEART – Tomás y Valiente Art Center in Fuenlabrada, the Alicante Institute of Culture Juan Gil Albert, Alicante, and MAC, Museum of Contemporary Art, Coruña, Spain, and has shown work in several art fairs such as Casa // Arte, OFF Art Fair Brussels, ZONA MACO in Mexico DF, ARCO in Madrid, and the Spanish photography fair Jääl.






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