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Maurice Heesen studied Graphic Design and worked as an art director for 2,5 years before setting off on a 6 years long journey around the world.

During his travels he designed backpacks that were manufactured in Nepal, he imported Santa Claus hats from Hong Kong to Germany and in Singapore he bought a camera that has ever since never left his side.

In the past 10 years, Maurice has received many awards including I.P.A. (New York), Colour Awards (L.A.), A.O.P. (London), PX3 (Paris), ADCN and PANL (Netherlands). He has worked for numerous advertising agencies and clients around the world such as Emirates Airlines, Canon, Vodafone, Volvo, Deutsche Bank, Heineken, Seat, UEFA, T-Mobile and Nike.

Maurice has an incredible eye for detail. In his film making he diligently works towards that single moment in a story where everything comes together. His background in graphic design, advertising and photography has shaped his artistic skills but most of all makes Maurice an excellent storyteller with an impeccable visual aesthetic.






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